Sweat – ewww orr ahhh?

It’s been hot.  The hottest May and June on record, so far.  Today the mercury topped at 110 degrees.  Hot, so hot.

The sweat runs down your back and into your eyes.  Luckily there is a breeze and you are instantly cooled by the evaporation of water to vapor (yes, I still remember heat transfer days of Chem 109).

But did you know that cows don’t sweat?  Horses – yes.  People -yes.  Cows -no.  Well, nearly no.  The only place a cow can sweat is through their nose. 

Check out Cow 949.  See the beads of sweat on her nose.  That is her coolant system.  A 1200 pound cow and she sweats in an area the size of a softball!

Cow 949

So when I am dripping in sweat, and “ewwww” at the thought, I stop.  At least I’m not a black cow absorbing all that heat, and at least, I can sweat!

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