Sibling Rivalry

ReeRee is an only child.  She is the apple of my eye.  I love her.  However, there was another before ReeRee.  Yep, Torpedo.

I received Torpedo as a Christmas present from Newt (after the tragic death of two previous Jack Russell’s).  Torpedo was the apple of my eye.  I loved him.  We took naps on the sofa, went on walks, were both helpful on the ranch (not!  Compared to Newt, Porkchop, and Punch, we were mainly in the way!).

And then the baby came.  Torpedo slept outside with the other dogs, wasn’t allowed near the baby, and the carseat replaced his spot in the car.  I tell him to wait a few years, until ReeRee will sneak him steak scraps under the table and play sticks for hours with him.

At this moment, Torpedo doesn’t care.  He is jaded.  He doesn’t like being replaced (probably the same way my brother JD felt when I came along).

But don’t feel too bad for “Pedo” yet!  ReeRee will be standing in the garage, as I unload the car.  Pedo is happy to see me (while giving ReeRee side eyes).

Pedo is walking by ReeRee…and throws out a hip!  ReeRee tumbles to the ground, crying.

And I swear, Torpedo smiled.  And then gave me the “What! What!  I was just waking by! I can’t help the little baby fell down…”

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