Chickens on the Road!!!

The title of my blog made me feel…like I told a little, white lie.  I feel the guilt no longer- we officially have CHICKENS!!!!  Grandma Suzy and Pop-Pop brought ReeRee two roosters and two hens.  ReeRee is in love with these chickens (and so far the cowdogs have left the chickens unharmed).

ReeRee wakes up in the morning and the first words are “Cheeckens!  Cheeckens!”  Newt and I bribe her to eat her breakfast with promises of letting the chickens out of the chicken coop.  Little-Miss-Independent pulls the wire from the latch and opens the door herself.  She runs inside the coop and squeals!  Roosters that were calmly sitting on a perch burst to life and run/fly/bounce off the windows until all four birds squawk and fly across the lawn.  ReeRee continues screaming as she runs after them.

Due to chicken hawks (large birds who swoop down and eat other birds) my chickens stay under the shelter of the trees.  Or is it because of ReeRee’s high pitch scream?

I do not have chickens on my road, but every once in a while the herd (brood, flock) of chickens will streak across my road and back into the trees!

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