Star Route

I live on the “Star Route”.  No, not the street where all the movie stars live.  But a mail route, a star route.  I thought it strange after moving my rural address of Tiny Town that I received mail on Monday, but Tuesday my mailbox was empty.  Again on Thursday and Saturday- empty.  “Well, you live on the Star Route,” the natives told me.

Before I moved to Tiny Town, I never heard of such a thing.  I grew up 35 miles from the closest town, and now I only live 15 miles from town.  I grew up with mail in my mailbox five days a week.  (And bless his heart, sometimes the mailman would pick up an emergency supply of insulin in town and slip it in with our newspapers.)  Civilization was closer, so why this?

Star routes were established because the mail carriers were traveling too far and putting in too many hours.  Problem solved when the mail carrier split her routes.  One route receives mail on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (like me), while the others receive mail on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Confusion sets in on Martin Luther King Day, when the post office takes holiday.  Then my mail comes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I’m not sure what happens on the other route, hmmm.

 Quite frankly, I don’t mind.  Unlike my grandma, who thinks she is the next winner of Publisher Clearing House, my mailbox is devoid of junk mail and doesn’t flowth over.

 I open my mailbox.  A flyer and a handful of bills.  sigh.  At least I only get bills three days a week.  The joys of the Star Route!

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