NE – What does it mean to you?

My brother qualified for the National Geographic state contest several years in a row in middle school.  Our country one-room school had 2 students (J.D. and myself).  I was not great at geography, places, capitals, rivers, but I had to compete against my brother to see which of us would compete at districts.  Like I said, I don’t like geography and others must feel the same way.

I was having problems and had been tossed around the customer service department.  After replacing batteries, receiving new faulty products, replacing batteries, I had enough.

“Hello, this is Jen.  How may I help you?”

 “My child thermometer is broken and I want my money back.  I want you to take back these three thermometers you sent as replacements, they are also broken.”  I took a deep breath- don’t take it out on the service lady.  Breathe.  She did not make the thermometers that did not work during ReeRee’s fever.  Breathe.

“Oh, yes.  We have you on file.”  After calling a hundred times, I hope so.  “Let me verify your address and we get an envelope out to you.”  She cheerily listed off my street address.  I rubbed my eyes, tired from the long night of sickness with a toddler.

“And you are at Tiny Town… New England,” she said.

My eyes popped open.  I took it out of the service lady.  “Seriously,” I said, “is New England a state?”

Silence.  She didn’t like geography in school either.

“N – E.  It stands for NebraSKA.  New England is a collection of states.  Nebraska is a state.”

Geography- the study of places.  Places not around us.  Places we may never travel to, but we should be aware of.  New England, not a state.

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2 thoughts on “NE – What does it mean to you?

  1. School Marm

    I remember those days of the Geography Bee in the little one-room schoolhouse. I also had someone say NE stood for New England. I responded in the exact same way as you did. (The student fall far from the teacher, did she.) Love your blog.
    ~The School Marm

  2. School Marm

    Oops, left out didn’t after student.

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