Twenty-something Months

Dear ReeRee,

You are now 21 (or is it 22 months old).  Who cares, the fact is, you are growing up too fast!  You officially are not a baby anymore.  You make sentences, you make jokes, you throw a tantrum you could have only inherited from your mother (I was excellent- ask your Grandma Susy.)

The plums are blooming early this year.  It is hard to believe three plum blooming seasons ago, we found out our unborn baby was a girl.  I remember walking, walking to keep my bloodsugars in control.  Rubbing my baby bump while inhaling the strong, sweet scent of the blossoms.  Hoping, wishing, praying you would be a strong and healthy baby.

I walked the gravel road with plum bushes in the ditches.  I needed to start decorating your room, a room for a little girl.  Your walls a pale cream- the color of the plum blossoms’ petals.  Soft and warm and almost white.  Your crib mimicked the dark brown bark below the blossoms, rich and warm, with hints of red.  Your curtains were light and fresh and green, as were the small leaves ready to burst from their buds.

Every year, the scents of plums remind me of you.  The scratchy gray ultrasound, our first photography of your face came in early April with the blossoms.  You were perfect then, we couldn’t wait to meet you.  And now you never cease to amaze me.  Good bye  to my baby girl- hello my tiny toddler!



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