I have my own personal blood test technician.  That’s right- ReeRee.  My 20 month old assistant can’t not open the zipper on my blood test kit, but she will remove the finger poker for me (and used to run off with it in her mouth…errr).  She puts the point on her finger and goes “Owww! Ouchie!” and then hands the poker to me.  I put in the strip and tell her to wait for the beep, apply a drop of blood, and beep the results.  ReeRee awaits eagerly to pull the strip from the meter and runs it to the trashcan.

ReeRee has performed many blood tests, but is always in bed when I change infusion sets on my pump.  After stubbornly refusing to admit I had a bad site for two days, I went home early from work to change it out.  (Being 300 for two days is bad for you!)

ReeRee was amazing at the Mio infusion set.  The long needle (“Ouchie!”) and the white patch of the site on my stomach.  “Owww, owwww, owww,” she repeated with a pinched look on her face after insertion.

Our kisses always make ReeRee’s ouchies go away.  “Kiss Mommy’s ouchie” and her little lips softly touched the infusion set and she smiled.

Wow, a sweet little kiss does take away the pain!  That is, until ReeRee grabbed the fresh site and pulled with all her might.

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