Chickens on the Road, Pancreas in the Ditch

“First off, let me say: ‘Chickens on the Road, Pancreas in the Ditch’ is an awesome phrase, no matter how it’s used.”  That is a direct quote from Kevin,, who I emailed for his Excel bloodsugar record sheet.  Thanks, I agonized over the name of my blog.  It took weeks.

My aunt suggested “Chickens on the Road.”  I googled to see if anyone was using this name and sure enough- there was a blog called “Chickens in the Road”.  Haha, I laughed as an image of chickens buried up to their necks in gravel, dotted across a country road (like burying yourself at the beach in sand).  Just heads sticking out.  Haha- it tickled my funny bone.  A very good blog about county life back east and home canning.

So my life on a ranch is represented by “Chickens on the Road”.  Ironically, the cowdogs chased and killed my entire chicken herd the day after ReeRee was born, so I currently do not have chickens.  But I remember my Grandma Dee who always had red Sexlink hens (chickens who can be sexed by what color they are born).  The bronze feathers shown in the sun as they scuttled across the one lane country road, scratching the gravel for bugs and grubs.  She would send home the brown speckled eggs still warm from the nest.  I want chickens again.

Now look up.  No, not at the ceiling.  At the top of the page.  See that yellow pile in the right hand corner of the chicken picture.  I drew this right after a bout with the flu, so it reminds me of vomit.  But it was not meant to look like that- it is a pancreas.  Roadkill pancreas.  A “pancreas in the ditch”- forgotten and worthless.  Like one old shoe when you pick up trash along the highway.  Such is my life with Type 1 Diabetes.  I wish my pancreas was up crowing with the chickens, but for now it is useless for insulin production.  sigh.

Hurry up, cure, hurry up.

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