Learning to Speak

ReeRee is starting to communicate, and I mean really communicate.  She says words, repeats words (note to self: may need to start monitoring myself), puts words together, laughs at funny words.

 Words are powerful.  “Poopy.”  A simple word, yet the mere mention of this word and ReeRee is whisked from her crib for a diaper sniff.  ReeRee knows we won’t let her sleep in a dirty diaper, so she saves this word as we are closing her door at night.  “Poopy” has lost some of its urgency- now we, as parents, are being played.

 The bedtime routine now includes a circular narrative about the deer sleeping in the trees.  “Deer, nigh, nigh” she will say.  “Yes, the deer are tired and sleeping in the trees.  ReeRee is tired and will sleep where?  Yes, you are right, in your crib.”  “Deer nigh, nigh”.  I continue, “Mommy and Daddy are tired and will sleep in their bed”.  “Deer nigh, nigh.”   “Yes, the deer are tired and are sleeping in the trees.”  “Deer, BANG, BANG!”

Words are still tricky.  ReeRee has mastered the art of waving goodbye and enjoys watching people leave, so she can wave with her floppy wrist and “Bye, bye.”  Rhonda was leaving and ReeRee waved.  “Say bye, bye to Rhonda,” I said.

“Bye, bye, Dummy.”  It was clear as a bell.  How embarrassing!

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