Time Change

I hate the time changing.  I should be accustomed to the extra hour by now.  I should be able to fall asleep at night.  I should be able to wake up that hour earlier.  But this change is hard on my diabetes.  It messed up my schedule and my bloodsugars.  Even worse, the time change messes up ReeRee’s schedule.  She is tired all day, wakes up during the night, and wants to eat less than before.

 Strange I should loathe a mere switch in the hour, as I do this all the time.  I live 8 miles from the Mountain Time Zone.  I live in Central Time, but work in two time zones.  Makes for interesting calculation of departure time.

 “OK, the meeting is at 11:00 am Your Time.  If it takes thirty minutes to drive there, I would need to leave at 10:30 am.  Wait, it that My Time or Your Time!  Redo this, OK, the meeting is at 12:00 pm My Time, so I would need to leave at 11:15 My Time.  Oops, figured that wrong, or will I need an extra fifteen minutes to unload?  Let keep this simple: 11:30 My Time.  Which the same as 10:30 am Your Time.  Perfect.  So I am leaving at 11:30 am My Time to make the meeting at 11:00 am Your Time.  I’m a time traveler, hehe.  Now what time do I need to leave to pick up ReeRee from the babysitter at 4:30 pm My Time?”

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