How Muffin Got His Name

A simple trade- one horse for three cows.  We had a sorrel horse, plain really.  A small white patch on his forehead and one black dot on his hind leg.  Newt called him “Red”, well, since he was red.  Red was plain, but he rode well.  Brand, rope, doctor cattle in the pasture, sort cattle from the herd.  Yes, he could do it all.

In need of growing our cow herd, we traded this horse for three purebred cows from my parents.  Angus, pure black.  Newt brought home the cows and took me out to see them.  “That is Susy,” he said.  “That is Joey.  And that is Than.”  Hmmmm.  My mom’s name is Susy, my younger sister’s name is Joey, and my name… “Hey!”

Newt grinned.  “That cow there is the oldest, hence Susy.”  I rolled my eyes- Mom would appreciate that.

He turned and pointed to a smaller, younger cow.  That is the young heifer, Joey.”

“And 1004… that is Than.  She is big and mean,” he chuckled.

“Thanks a lot,” I said.  “So if you named our three cows after the three women in our family, what should my family name your horse?  He will need to be named after you.”

Newt.  Newt, the Fabulous.  Those two names crossed my mind.  Before I could answer, my husband grinned again.

“Stud Muffin!”

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