Day 1: the Presentations

I planned to be in bed by 8 pm the first evening.  My ride from Tiny Town, NE to Bigger Town, NE was running behind. (Not unusual for Agnes.  We travel together a lot, so I told her to be an hour earlier and she was only 30 minutes past due.)  We dropped off the beef, met some friends at Red Lobster, and headed to Target for diapers and training pants.  And somehow a bag of peanut M&M’s jumped into my cart.  So at 10:30, Agnes and I head for our room.  And I couldn’t sleep.  We both could have slept in the next morning, but a random phone call at 6:30 am brought in morning early.

The diabetes presentation went well.  I’m not used to being that open about the disease.  We covered how diabetes happens (FYI- I think diabetes the symptom, not a lump for the very different Type I and Type II mechanics), myths about diabetes, “$@#+, Where’s the Glucagon?” (when my brother had a reaction, the only insulin reaction I ever saw, these are the first words out of my parents’ mouth), treating highs and lows, and how to cope with the mental burden.

Best part of this trip- my bloodsugars have been great!  I remembered to up my basal 25%, and except for the M&M’s I had for breakfast, I’ve been behaving around the conference carb overload.

Only the meat cutting demo left for tonight.  And I remembered why I don’t buy M&M’s in bulk.  The bag lays nearly empty on the dresser.

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One thought on “Day 1: the Presentations

  1. Martha Wiseman

    I love your stories!

    ReeRee’s GG

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