Deadlines mean different things to different people.  To me, deadlines means you have the work complete a week before, so you can review and make changes.  To coworker, it means a week later the materials are completed.  Probably in a rush the night before.  But Annie and Brody were on the same page.

Miss certain deadlines and you pay the price.  Uncle Sam wants his money by April 15th.  He doesn’t care about your excuses.  “The Professional Processor” in the town west of us doesn’t take excuses and remembers your bad behavior.  The Processor is the nearest place to take a steer and turn it into steaks, roast, and the best hamburger around.  The nearest, but the BEST. 

The Processor slaughters on Tuesday.  Husband and wife team run the operation several men should.  Just a few head, but your appointment is made in advance.  The Processor is popular.  The appointment is made a year in advance.  Even my friend Annie hauls cattle once a year, even though it’s an hour there and they doctor, get groceries, pick up parts, etc in a town an hour the other direction from their house.

Annie made an appointment for November the year prior.  What she didn’t plan for baby Eldora’s arrival the same day.  Stage 1 of delivery was passing quickly.  She grabbed Brody’s forearm (ouch that hurt, he told me later.  But he didn’t tell that to his wife in labor), “You…puffpuffpufff.  Tuesday…puffpuffpuff.  Get that steer to the Processor!”

Brody got that steer there in time.  And made it back for baby Eldora’s arrival.  Made two very important deadlines that day.

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