The radio said 20,000 acres- the local TV station 18,780 acres. Fact was the fire burned a lot. Most towns experience a decent fire department and haven’t panicked since that one cow kicked over a lantern in Chicago centuries ago. In rural areas, you depend on neighbors and local volunteers driving 1970’s pickups with water tanks splashing on the back. Fires claim lives, livestock, feed, and homes on the range.

Wildfires’ dangerous and terrifying wall of metal melting heat and flame reaffirms your faith, as you send up prayers to change the wind direction or for the miracle of rain. You have no control. You are a victim.

Or are you? As the fire burned to the south of our house, I was helpless of the path. The fire was coming. But the sprinklers were on the lawn, and if needed to be place there, on the roof. I had a plan- what to grab, which roads to take, or what flat sandy corral I could drive to. The cattle would be driven and locked in the arena to avoid death. I had a disaster plan.

I was only a victim to this massive, inevitable beast, if I let myself. Sound familiar? Diabetes is here, large and destructive. A slow burn or a quick flash will take your life. But am I a victim of the unstoppable wall of flames? Or do I start my sprinklers and brainstorm a plan? I may not be able to stop the devastating path of my disease, but I have a plan. A plan for when I’m too low, or how much correction if I’m too high, sick days, days of stress, lazy days. Have you lost hope or are you managing the flames?

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