My older brother also has type I diabetes, although my diabetes is older. JD is/has been/always will be… forgetful. And it doesn’t bother him. I’m not talking about little things, but the big things that really, really bother diabetics. “JD, why are giving shots? Is your pump broken?” “Yes, I forgot to call last week. Plus I ran out of sets.” (He lives in the BIGGEST city in our state, so distance wasn’t the downfall.) In college, he would run out of strips, tear out his infusion set with no extras, while out of state for a weeklong livestock judging contest. No stress, just get another one when I get back.

Victoria is JD’s loving wife. Not only did she marry a diabetic, but she doctors her diabetic cat, Colby. Unlike JD, who is in charge of his medical supplies, Victoria travels to the pharmacy for Colby.

Two things stuck me funny as she told this story. One: JD ran out of insulin. No problem- he pulls a syringe of Colby’s insulin, smacks the needle in his arm, draws insulin into the syringe again, and gives the furry bundle his injection for the day. As I think, please tell me JD doesn’t reuse that syringe!?!

Second. The pharmacist peers over the counter. “Victoria, would you like to put this on Colby’s prescription card?” Victoria shakes her head. “No thank you, not today.” The printer spits out the receipt. Victoria reaches for the insulin and paperwork.

On the prescription- first name: Colby, middle name-the Cat.

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