Ranch pickups are less than beautiful. Once a bright blue paint shone on the hood. Life on the ranch is hard on a pickup that works tirelessly and daily. And dirty…very dirty. Dust drifts from pellets loaded into the caker, cow snot sticks to the driver’s window where she tried to lick off the feedy dust, and a small ecosystem grows from the floorboard. Cow poo tracked in on cowboy boots fertilizes the sand and dirt also tracked in. Early spring, a random weed seed sprouts and grows between the brake and clutch pedal.

So I was surprised when Newt was concerned about the cleanliness of his truck.

ReeRee went with us to town. She was eating her cheese, then the cheese was boring. So she was tearing off little strips and throwing them over the carseat (onto the pickup seat). Newt looked over and said, “no no”. ReeRee’s eyes went big and her lip quivered.

A mile down the road, ReeRee pulls off a strip of cheese, looks over at Newt, drops it into the seat, says, “naww-nawwoo”.

And smiles.

Over the years, I’ve been taught the “no-no’s” of diabetic management. But there are times, I eat that piece of pecan pie, while my blood sugars guiltily whisper “no-no”, and I just smile.

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