Roll Call

“Da-dee”. Pause. “DAD-dee”. Pause. “DADDY!” Newt flips off the covers; I lay in bed and smile. ReeRee always asks for Daddy during the night and wee morning hours. Today, she let us sleep in to 6:30 am. I hear the muffled conversation down the hall as they make cheerful morning greetings, change the super wet diaper, and finish with a wrestle on the floor.

“Mom-mee?” “Where is your Mommy? Go find her and tickle her toes.” I hear the small, hard footsteps down the hall. A head of tight curls pops over the bed. I’ve found her! “Mommy!” ReeRee’s tiny fists tug at the blanket. I stick a foot out of the covers and laugh as ReeRee grabs my foot. We are both laughing as she runs back to her room to announce her task is complete. Her face looks up to Newt and states “Mommy.”

“Floppy?” ReeRee crabs the bars on her crib and shakes back and forth. “Do you want Floppy Dog?” Newt asks as he reaches over the crib for the soft bundle. “Floppy” and you can hear the smile in her voice.

Roll call is complete.

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One thought on “Roll Call

  1. You should print your blogs to create a book for your daughter. She will cherish this one day.

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