Be Mine

My rearview mirror does no good.  The mirror is cranked at an odd angle, so I have a clear view of the car seat in the backseat.  (Note: I don’t recommend this for city drivers.  Once in a great while, I will have a car pass me, but on lonely country roads, who needs a mirror.)

In the long rectangle of my mirror, I see Ree-Ree in the back snuggled with her new red bear she received at the Valentine’s Day party.

“Mine,” she says with determination.  I will fight you for this bear, her voice says.  (Ah, what they learn at daycare.)

“Mine.”  pause.  “Mine.”  She repeats and repeats and repeats.

“Mine,” I say.  Her eyes flash in the mirror.

“MINE!” she says with daycare gumption.  Her eyes narrow to a slit.  She has competition for the bear.

How can my mine be your mine?  Yes, darling.  The English language only gets more difficult from here. 

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3 thoughts on “Be Mine

  1. Poor Frankenkitty! 😦 No wonder there’s an instinctive hatred b/w dogs and cats! I have 4 cats. Jetson is a “mitten Kitten” he’s polydexterous and has extra thumbs and toes. His front paws look like big mittens. If you sit him in your lap and look at his back feet they look like they’re on backwards! The pinky toes are on the inside and the big toes are on the outside. Jetson loves to be on the roof and rolls back and forth on the edge. (he must love the attention b/c we yell at him to get down b/f he falls off) The roof was too much of a slippery slope yesterday and he slid right off! Luckily he avoided traumatic injury and walked away unharmed. (Good thing that cats have 9 lives!)

    • Frank was a mitten kitty, too! He burned through several lives as a kitten, when he crawled into the pickup engine for heat. We thought it killed him, he went missing for 2 weeks. Then one day he comes limping up to the house. Lost one of those extra toes, had a scratch on his nose, tuff of hair gone on his tail, and a limp. I was so happy to see him!

      Your cat lives on the edge! I bet he does enjoy the scoldings from below! A dog would feel guilty for disobeying, a cat revels in it. 🙂

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