Exercise Back on the Menu

Exercise and I never liked each other.

Exercise is supposed to be good for a diabetic.  Lower bloodsugars, loose weight, make you feel good.

Exercise for me: roller coaster of lows/highs/lows, gained weight, and felt like crap from the roller coaster ride.

With my new Dexcom and my diabetic educator, exercise is back on the daily menu.

Tips I Learned about Exercise:

-Exercise in the morning, before you have any boluses in your system.  If you have bolused in the last 4 hrs, be careful exercising.  My sugars bottom out quickly!

-Exercise for less than 30 minutes (light to moderate)- not a lot to change.  Bolus normally for breakfast, but watch out 6 hours later when your sugars will drop.

-Exercise for more than 30 minutes- be prepared to sip on watered down juice or gatorade for 10-15 g of carbohydrates.

-Anaerobic raises bloodsugars (weight lifting).

I have been biking for an hour in the mornings, pushing for 5 days a week.  I also have a 7 minute workout (jump jacks, planks, lunges, etc) and trying to get 10 good pushups in a day.

When you and Exercise have been at odds as long as I have, this will be quite an undertaking to keep up.

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Dexcom 5G Thus Far

A lot has changed since I wore a continuous glucose monitoring system five years ago during pregnancy.

There are no trials to test out the product.  Last time I used a CGM the results were sketchy at best and unreliable.

Pre-approval through my insurance was less than a week.  Before I had to battle with them for two rounds to get approval.

In December, I ordered a Dexcom 5G.  I had nearly met my deductible for the year, so my cost was $550 for a receiver, 2 transmitters, and 2 boxes of sensors.  I paid up front.

I love my new sensor. I am amazed at the accuracy between the Dexcom and blood meter readings!  With a good sensor, I am a couple points off.  I can see what is happening all the time (exercise is back on the daily menu).  It buzzes and beeps when I get too low. I can download to share reports with my diabetes educator.


It is bulky and one more piece of equipment to calibrate, manage, and remember where I put it.

I do not have an iPhone, but the sharing feature could be helpful to others.  Your iPhone can act as your receiver, then you can “add” people to view your bloodsugars.  Seems a little personal to me to be under watch 24/7, but a worrisome mother would appreciate this.

It was billed incorrectly through my insurance, so a claim for over $2000 came the next month. heartattack.  I had to contact Dexcom several times before a note was made on my account to work with my insurance, who billed the CGM as a prosthesis (Home Equipment) instead of Durable Medical Equipment (DME).  After this is over, I will find that funny.  Right now the looming bill of $2K is stressing me out.

The packaging for the sensor is not built for traveling and pieces fall off after a couple days in my bag.

My receiver died less than a month in.  ERR212 and ERR68 showed up.  All my data was lost.  I had to wait 3 days for a new receiver to be mailed to me.

Technical services can take forever to get back to you.  After 2 hours on hold, I finally turned in my errors to find out it was a programming error.

The tape on the sensor lasts for 3 days before falling off.

My skin isn’t keen on the big patch for a week.  I may need to find some new locations beside the stomach.

Overall, the Dexcom has allowed me to find patterns I would have missed and get back to exercising without the worry of bottoming out when out for a jog.

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Price Takers

Our big sale was last week.  The sale was right before a big blizzard, plus calf prices dropped 33% last fall.

The cattlemen buying the bulls took a shot in the shorts last fall and that deduction in income means less income for us.

Cattle ranchers are price takers.

The buyer(s) decide what your product is worth.  And you are stuck with the price.  Make money or lose money.

Farmers and ranchers are both risk takers- paying hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenses.  And then wondering if the market will hold.

And what price they will get.

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How to Lose 10 Inches- Instantly

Fad diets, plastic surgery, uncomfortable corsets.

There are many ways to lose 10 inches.

There is only one way to lose it painlessly.

Cheers to someone else who will appreciate my hair more than me.

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Food the Enemy

Overeater: Food is a Friend.

Chefs: Food is a Job.

Valentine’s Day: Food is Love.

Diabetics: Food is the Enemy.

I have been diabetic going on my 4th decade (31+ years).  Over 30 years ago, table sugar was evil.  You could make “sugarfree” pumpkin pie using sweetener and 2 cans of apple juice concentrate.  (Note: a regular pie had few carbs and less impact on bloodsugars than that crummy tasting “sugarfree” stuff.)


Fast forward, carbs are the devil.  Diabetics can eat bacon, cheese, butter, but not bread, cake, or potatoes.  Oh wait, diabetics should only ever eat salads (just lettuce).


The fads of diabetic eating come and go.  But for a diabetic, one thing says the same “Food is the Enemy”.


Food makes your bloodsugars go high.  Food makes you fat.  Food makes you at a higher risk for mind-blowing complications.  Food is the devil.


Unless the food is locally raised, fresh, and in season.  In the middle of winter, staring at the wilting produce and bags of cheap, frozen green beans, “good” food is still out of my grasp.  Of course, I could make the 150 mile drive for a couple of fresh zucchini in the “big town” grocery store.


Three decades of type 1 diabetes burns into your brain the unworthy nature of your broken pancreas.


*You are not worthy to eat when your bloodsugars are high.


*You are not worthy to eat when you are above your ideal weight.


*You are not worthy to eat food that makes your sweet tooth sing.


*You are worthy to eat 15 g of glucose tabs when you are low.


*You are not worthy to eat more for lows, or pay for the rebound later.


*You are not worthy to eat when traveling, stressed, or have stomach nerve damage.



Food is the enemy and you are not worthy.

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Bad day

Ranch men are notorious for being late.  Supper is cold, there are 7,000 acres they could be on, but when do you start to worry and go looking?  I just about found out today.

I got home and Newt wandered in the house.

“I had a bad day,” he said.  I looked at him.  Newt never has a bad day.  I can rant and rave about my crummy office job, but not much bothers him.

“Why was it a bad day?” I said, sorting through the mail at the kitchen table.

“Well, I pulled bulls this morning.  Our bull was in Hank’s and Carol’s cows again…

(This was the 5th or 6th time Newt has had to get our bull out of their cows.  If Hank and Carol weren’t a bull short this year, they probably would have cared more.)

…He went back to our cows fine, but then he wouldn’t leave.  Even when I brought the entire herd.  I tied him to the windmill.”

“Yes, I see you had a bad bull pull this morning,” I answered. (This isn’t anything new, do bulls ever want to leave a herd of women? No, unless it’s to visit another herd of women.)

Newt continued, “And then I was riding our little red colt to pull the bulls out of the far pasture and he tripped going down a hill…”

I looked up and started paying better attention.

“…and he broke…”

“His leg?!?  Is that what the blood on your shirt is from?” I just noticed both sleeves with big bloody spots.

“Nope.  We went end over end.  I hit my head pretty hard and busted my nose open.  The colt broke his neck and died.”  DAH!

“Best part was I got to walk all the way back to the house (Newt hates walking).  It was a booger pulling the saddle from under him.”

“So we are short a horse?”  A bad day.

“But I could have been short a husband?”  Beyond a bad day.

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Cracks in the new shower

Last year (yes, as in 2014), we paid a large sum to a plumber to replumb our entire house and put in new tub/shower.

As we neared completion, I was FINALLY wiping the drywall dust off of the shower.

My rag caught.  I stopped breathing.  Not our brand new, never been used shower!

Yep, there it was.  I checked the other tub.  Uggh!

Crack in Sterling Vikkel shower

You couldn’t see the cracks, but you could feel them.  I took a pencil and the cracks emerged.  Six to seven total on in both bathrooms.

To make a long story short, the Sterling customer service said it wasn’t “economically feasible” for them to come to our area to fix the new, very been used tub and shower.  “Get us a detailed estimate from the plumber to tear out the shower walls and put new in.”  “Let’s just void the warranty and pay you $1,000.”  “It’s not a vinyl patch- you could at least use the correct term.”

To make a long story short, I was not impressed with the friendliness or speediness of the company.

The Tub Doctor finally came and drilled out the cracks, filled in the new patch, and sanded to a smooth surface.

I’m so glad we are done with cracks/leaks.

Oh wait, I forgot… our roof is leaking.

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When  you brand towards the end of May, the weather doesn’t always cooperate.

You brand in the wind.

You brand in the heat.

You brand in the fog.

You brand in the rain.

Your brand in a thunderstorm.

Snow in May

For the first time, we postponed branding because of the snow.

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Why don’t people listen?

My pet peeve is when people don’t do what I ask.  I have usually researched, or thought over, multiple options.  Tried to pick the option with the least problems down the road.

Damn that contractor for lifting the side of our mudroom so Newt “would have more head space”.

When I left that night, there was to be slope to the roof, at the expense of 6 inches on one wall.  The next day, I came back to “higher” ceilings in a nearly completed room.

Now our house roof and mudroom roof are flat.  The contractor fixed it with caulking and swore it would stay leak-free for decades.

Leaky roofSee the bubble just right of the cabinet.  That is a paint bubble surrounded by speckling of mold, due to water leaking in from the roof.

I’m so glad Newt has “head space” above our freezers.  Oh wait… that is why I sacrificed those 6 inches- it didn’t flipping matter!

@^#$*- Why can’t people just do what I ask/pay them to do?

I disdain being a homeowner.

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Hello, my name is…. and I’m a…..

I have been working with my diabetes educator to try to get better control of my blood sugars.

After keeping track of detailed records, I am somewhat depressed with the results.

Marcey says I need to eat better, take better care of myself, eat a “real” meal for lunch & dinner (haha- she calls “supper” “dinner”).

She did not consider my tortilla shell with Nutella a real meal.

She did not consider my yogurt a meal.

She did not consider my peanut butter sandwich a real meal.

She did not consider my fruit snacks a real meal.

With all the high blood sugars I’ve had the last several weeks, I neither feel like eating or feel I deserve to eat.

eek! I realized…I’m one of them- the 8 out of 10 diabetics that have an eating problem.

I feel the need to recite “Hello.  My name is… and I have an eating problem.”

*High bloodsugars= I don’t deserve to eat right now.

*Low bloodsugars=I can eat all the junk food I want.

*Carbs= I love eating you now, but guilt will eventually kick in.  I will vow to eat only proteins from now on- eggs, fish, steak, hot dogs… I have canine teeth and I plan to use them.

*Fresh veggies and fruits= I don’t deserve to spend the money to buy them.  It should go to something more important- like blood testing strips or insulin.

*Diet Dr. Pepper=no sugar, but caffeine , which can raise your bloodsugars.

*Diet A&W= the only guilt-free thing I can eat (no sugar, no carbs, no caffeine, and a little flavor left)

Hmmm, she didn’t consider Dt. A&W a real meal either.


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